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11/07/2013Meyer sworn in to fill Foushee's seat 1  FOUSHEE, Valerie
03/24/2008Three to be honored by the N.C. Journalism Hall of Fame 3  MEYER, PHILIP
MEYER, Prof. Phil
08/27/2004Recruits face difficult path 2  MEYER, Adam
03/29/2000Journalism professors nab awards for books 3  MEYER, PHILIP
09/20/1999Meyer Accepts Job in New Mexico 3  MEYERS, TOM
09/10/1999Editorial: Cloaks And Daggers 2  MEYERS, TOM
09/09/1999Professor Puzzled by Reasons for Dismissal 3  MEYERS, TOM
04/12/1994Professor of chemistry named fellow of academy 3  MEYER, THOMAS
12/07/1993Meyer wins press award for wrik with polling 3  MEYER, PHILIP
07/23/1992Arrest doesn't spil the trip for Meyer 4  MEYER, PHILIP
04/15/1975Op.Ed: Living with a shortage of energy 8  MEYER, THOMAS
04/15/1972Nine teachers honored for teaching 1  MEYER, THOMAS
11/21/196714 New Faculty Appointments Announced 5  MEYER, ROBERT G.
12/13/1959Dr. Harold Meyer Appointed To Youth Fitness Committee 1  MEYER, HAROLD D.
05/19/1942Meyer Appointed Editor Of New Combination Mag 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
04/17/1942Gleicher, McKinnon Slated To Withstand Runoff Ballot; Meyer Gets Magazine Chair 1  STUDENT LEGISLATURE (SL)
01/21/1930Harold Meyer says 'Talkies' revolutionizing cinema art 4  TALKING PICTURE - COMING OF SOUND MOVIES
MEYERS, Harold