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04/04/2014Actor RJ Mitte shared his experiences with disability 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
11/07/2012A President prevails 1  ROMNEY, MITT
11/02/2012Analysts see Romney winning NC 1  ROMNEY, MITT
10/04/2012Obama, Romney spar on economy 3  ROMNEY, MITT
03/28/2011Journalism school names inductees to halls of fame 3  MITCHELL, JOSEPH
03/24/2008Exchange students adapt to campus life 9  MITJANS, Sofia
12/02/2001Shooting injures student 1  LANE, MITCHELL
09/14/1999Most ATN Employees Don't Read E-mail; DTH Editorial Misleading 12  MITCHELL, PAUL
06/04/1998WCHL news director takes UNC job 2  KOKAI, MITCH
02/04/1998Senior gears up to reach out to children through education 5  MITCHELL, CANDIS
01/14/1998Senior looks forward to starting law school 2  MITCHELL, SARAH
09/22/1995UNC makes grab at Mitchie Property 3  MITCHIE PROPERTY
02/23/1995It sure beats Mitchell Hall: class breaks in bahamas 2  GEOLOGY 123
10/08/1993UNC to award 8 alumni for achievements 2  MITCHELL, JOSEPH
02/11/1986Union Board selects 1st class President 1  MITCHELL, JEANNIE
10/31/1983Mitchell/Hutson, Greeks interview 1  GREEK LETTER SOCIETIES
10/08/1980Station head, engineer to resign 1  MITCHELL, GLENN
02/17/1978Mitchell, Heneghan in CAA runoff. . . 1  CAMPUS ELECTIONS '78
03/22/1977Kupchak: happy as a bullet and. . . 7  KUPCHAK, MITCH
12/14/1970Mitchiner favors subscription 1  YACKETY YACK
10/29/1970If Budget Cut, No Color Photos-Mitchiner 2  YACKETY YACK
10/23/1970Taking Yack Money Unjustified-Mitchiner 1  YACKETY YACK
03/09/1968Champ Mitchell Named Speaker of SSL House 1  Mitchell, Champ
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