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04/08/2011On the future of Facebook 9  KIRKPATRICK, DAVID
11/10/2010Team studies 'tipsy gene' - alcholism less likely in carriers 3  WILHELMSEN, Kirk
03/31/2004Mourners share memories 1  KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT
03/01/2004Editorial: Passing of a mentor 10  KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT
02/27/2004Kirkpatrick inspired, taught all students who knew him (letter) 8  KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT
02/26/2004Students fondly remember Robert Kirkpatrick (letter) 14  KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT
02/25/2004Kirkpatrick, 64, poet, mentor 1  DEATHS AT UNC
10/03/2002Hole in the Wall to Holy Grail 1  KIRKPATRICK'S BAR
10/01/2002Daum's Absence From Council Hearing About Ordinance Excusable 8  KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT
10/08/1996University to replace trees damaged by Hurricane Fran 6  PELLAND, KIRK
11/02/1995Court of Appeals Upholds Ruling Against Kirk Aune 1  AUNE, KIRK
09/13/1995State Court of Appeals hears KirkAune case 1  AUNE, KIRK
07/06/19957 named Bowman and Gordon Gray professors 3  KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT
03/14/1995Orange court dismisses Aune's case against university 3  AUNE, KIRK
10/27/1994Aune asks court to make officials disclose records 1  AUNE, KIRK
10/21/1994Business School gets $5000, Wall Street Book Collection 3  MATERNE, S. KIRK
08/30/1994No ruling yet on Aune's case against university 1  AUNE, KIRK
08/29/1994Employee grievance back in court 1  AUNE, KIRK
06/30/1994University Tries to Dismiss Employee Grievance 1  AUNE, KIRK
04/14/1994Eight win awards for excellence in teaching 2A  KIRKPATRICK, PATRICK
07/29/1993Administrator suing UNC 3  AUNE, KIRK
11/08/1976Capt. Kirk recalls sci-fi history 1  SHATNER, WILLIAM
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