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04/22/2004Adventurous students to compete 9  SWORDS, Kelly
03/26/2004Women seek equal footing in musical groups 3  OWENSBY, Kelly
03/24/2004Historic order celebrates 100 years 1  KELLY, Leia
03/22/20043 swimmers earn honors 11  WEEKS, Kelly
02/23/2004Perruquet, Weeks win titles 9  WEEKS, Kelly
01/13/2004Protesters embodied values inherent to the University (letter) 10  WHITE, KELLY
10/31/2003Protesters receive service sentence 3  WHITE, KELLY
03/18/2002Campus Y chooses presidents, expands number of programs 8  FONG, KELLY
02/14/1995SBP candidates do last-minute campaigning 1  GARNER, KELLY JO
02/10/1995Candidates for SBP hit trails differently 3  GARNER, KELLY JO
02/09/1995Fiumara, Garner to run alone for SBP 1  GARNER, KELLY
02/01/1995Student body president candidates 2  GARNER, KELLY JO
01/25/1995Six candidacies-including two joint campaigns-make SBP race crowded 1  GARNER, KELLY JO
...Joint SBP candidates correct name, are open to questions [letter] 8  GARNER, KELLY JO
01/19/1995Two more want to be joint SBPs 3  GARNER, KELLY JO
09/12/1994Instructor deserts drama students 1  SIGMAN, KELLY
03/28/1994Ryan picked as next DTH editor 1  RYAN, KELLY
02/21/1990Thompson, Lanning with DTH election 1  THOMPSON, KELLY
01/26/1987Clark, Kelly-RHA candidate 1  CAMPUS ELECTIONS '87
02/24/1984Court overturns disqualification 1  KELLY, J. B.
02/23/1984Kelly restricts talk on hearing (Hiday) 1  CAMPUS ELECTIONS '84
11/11/1982Vandenbergh appoints Kelly 3  KELLY, J. B.
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