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10/27/2010The Interview: Judith Cone on Innovate@Carolina 10  INNOVATE@CAROLINA
01/23/2008Law faculty member wins award from GAA 3  WEGENER, Prof. Judith
09/14/2004Current process remains effective 11  WEGNER, JUDITH
04/06/2004Judge dismisses two claims in APS battle 4  REITMAN, Judith
03/31/2004Five UNC officials honored for dedication to students 3  WEGNER, JUDITH
03/19/2004Further legal battles face APS 4  REITMAN, Judith
02/18/2004Specifics sought in APS case 2  REITMAN, Judith
02/16/2004Judge to rule on APS defamation suit 2  REITMAN, Judith
12/08/2003UNC Physician gets does of 'ER' 3  TINTINALLI, JUDITH
11/13/2003Faculty chair disputes claims in article on salary raises (letter) 12  WEGNER, JUDITH
04/21/20032 claim experience to lead faculty 3  WEGNER, JUDITH
04/17/2003Former worker appeals firing 1  SCOTT, JUDITH
04/11/20032 compete to lead Faculty Council 3  WEGNER, JUDITH
04/10/2003Law faculty stand by former colleague Baddour (letter) 14  WEGNER, JUDITH
03/29/1999Law School Dean Wins Annual Bell Award 3  WEGNER, JUDITH
03/19/1999Dean Proposes Increase In Law School Tuition 1  WEGNER, JUDITH
11/20/1998Apartment Manager Arrested 1  LINDSAY, JUDITH
04/14/1998Wegner to leave post as law school dean in June 1999 1  WEGNER, JUDITH
03/20/1998Playboy ad offensive to UNC; no fantasy being Playmate (letter) 10  SCOTT, JUDITH
09/24/1997OP-ED: Student Health Service best buy for students 10  COWAN, JUDITH
09/09/1997Law school ends policy barring JAG recruiting 1  WEGNER, JUDITH
09/03/1997Wegner leads fight against methodology 5  WEGNER, JUDITH
08/18/1997Wegner addresses concerns about law school 13A  WEGNER, JUDITH
05/29/1997Law School defends negative numbers 1  WEGNER, JUDITH
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