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11/13/2013Close to home, close to heart 1  BERRY, JOEL
11/12/2013New vice chancellor role filled 1  CURRAN, JOEL
10/26/2004Paying officials rejects purpose of activity fees 9  STANSBURY, JOEY
10/20/2004Trio of professors waxes political 2  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
10/12/2004Agenda mars research, scientist tells students 5  SCHWARTZ, Joel
10/29/2001Endowed posts draw professors 3  KINGSOLVER, JOEL
11/04/1999UNC Junior Reflects on Mayoral Bid 3  ZIMMERMAN, JOEL
07/29/1999Two New Coaches Join UNC Rowing 3  FURTEK, JOEL
02/24/1999UNC Doctors Featured in Good Housekeeping 3  TEPPER, JOEL
01/19/1999Arizona Law School Dean Sought for UNC Post 1  SELIGMAN, JOEL
02/20/1998UNC honors excellence in teaching 3  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
08/18/1997UNC hires 1st crew coach, 2 volleyball assistants 14B  FURTEK, JOEL
01/29/1997Schwartz's last lecture: Americans, Maguire care too much for cash 3  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
08/23/1996The King and I 1  WILLIAMSON, JOEL
04/12/1995Chancellor's awards ceremony 4  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
04/15/1994Educating students top priority for professor 5  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
04/14/1994Billy Joel 9A  REVIEWS, CONCERT
11/08/1993Editorial: Stansbury's second attempt 8  STANSBURY, JOEY
...Bill to defund 'friends' should fail in Congress (letter) 9  STANSBURY, JOEY
...Stansbury didn't consider ramifications of proposal (letter) 9  STANSBURY, JOEY
02/18/1993Attacks on Dean Birdsall unwarranted...(letter) 8  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
12/10/1992Professors' letter seeks tenure policy review 1  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
11/03/1992Journalist: Bush aided in Iraqgate 3  BAINERMAN, JOEL
02/11/1992Alumni Association honors UNC profs [Schwartz, Betts] 3  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
02/11/1991a.p.p.l.e.s advocates campaign for. . . 3  SCHWARTZ, JOEL J.
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