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10/29/2004Judge drops Dorrance suit 1  JENNINGS, MELISSA
10/11/2004Court pushes start date for Dorrance lawsuit to Nov. 1 3  JENNINGS, MELISSA
03/24/2004Dorrance, Keller resolve lawsuit 1  JENNINGS, MELISSA
03/01/2004Court date set for Dorrance civil suit 1  JENNINGS, MELISSA
08/31/1998Jennings No Stranger to Coaching Turmoil 1  JENNINGS, MELISSA
08/26/1998Former Players Sue Dorrance, UNC 1  JENNINGS, MELISSA
...Team Rallies To Battle Accusations 1  JENNINGS, MELISSA
06/18/1998Police arrest member of student government 1  PURYEAR, PAUL JENNINGS
05/10/1998Jennings Files Complaint Against Falk 11  JENNINGS, MELISSA
04/12/1994Aftermath of reagan years not as good as some think [letter] 8  JENNINGS, FRANCIS
05/11/1962Services Held This Morning For Sports Writer Jake Wade 1  WADE, JULIUS JENNINGS
05/10/1962Sports Publicity Head Killed In Auto Crash: Jake Wade Column Nationally Known 1  WADE, JULIUS JENNINGS
05/11/196012 New Instructors To Join UNC Faculty, Chancellor Aycock Says 1  CROCKETT, HARRY JENNINGS
11/18/1915Editorial: As to opinions - on William Jennings Bryans' speach 2  BRYAN, William Jennings
11/11/1915W. J. Bryan Sunday -- To speak at Memorial Hall at 11 a.m. -- Mrs. Bryan coming too 1  BRYAN, William Jennings
09/26/1896Impressions of Bryan [William Jennings Bryan] 2  BRYAN, William Jennings