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03/05/2003Congress overrides IDC veto 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
...IDC offers skilled legal counsel, not 'inferior' (letter) 10  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
02/25/2003Daum uses veto power to prevent IDC funds 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
03/06/200115 counselors ready for April start date 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
01/25/2001Independent Defence Council  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
...Editorial: Legal Eagles - The IDC could be a nice. . . 12  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
10/04/1963IDC Proposes Name Change 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
03/22/1963IDC Planning Investigation Of Coed Dorm Room Visits 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
03/08/1963Lawler Urges SP To Be Independent Of Administration 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
02/22/1963Greeks Admitted To Dorm Council 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
02/21/1963Di-Phi Defeats resolution For Greek Officers in IDC 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
02/17/1963Man's Council Tries Five; 1 Suspended, 4 Not Guilty 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
02/15/1963IDC May Let Frat Members Join Council 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
01/17/1963Dorm court convicts 2 residents 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
01/13/1963Faculty club room sought as dormitory social room 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
01/10/1963Dorms plan last affair with WC before finals 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
01/09/1963Combo party for students set at WC 3  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
12/13/1962IDC proposes check on advisor action 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
...Student control desired 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
12/06/1962IDC to hold next dance Friday 3  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
11/08/1962IDC sponsors first party Friday night 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
11/06/1962Dorm social fee hike to be decided 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
10/19/1962Ed: The No-Refund Trick 2  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
10/12/1962IDC Vetoes Greek Members; Votes to ask Trustees For Raise in Dorm Social Fee 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
...IDC Vetoes Greek Members: Votes To Ask Trustees For Raise In Dorm Social Fee 1  INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL (IDC)
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