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09/04/2013Rawlings report emphasizes culture change 1  RAWLINGS, HUNTER
04/22/2013Panel attendees: athletic, academic link is broken 1  RAWLINGS, HUNTER
04/19/2013Athletic panel begins today 1  RAWLINGS, HUNTER
04/03/2013Rawlings to lead panel on athletics and academics 1  RAWLINGS, HUNTER
09/28/2012Rawlings: 'All is pretty well here' 3  RAWLINGS, HUNTER
01/19/2010Deer hunter: Urban archer advocates for program 1  URBAN ARCHERY PROGRAM - for controlling deer population
04/02/2001Hunter unanimously chosen for DTH editor 1  DTH, EDITOR
03/26/2001DTH editor selection set for Saturday 3  HUNTER, KATIE
01/24/2000Naming who could be next 1  RAWLINGS, HUNTER
02/09/1999CAA Leaders Say Success Beat Failures 2  MCCROSSIN, HUNTER
11/19/1998Violent Threats Prompted Second Homecoming Vote (letter) 16  MCCROSSIN, HUNTER
02/04/1998CAA needs more student involvement 2  COHN, DAVID & HUNTER, MCCROSSIN
...Carolina Athletic Association Co-President Platforms 8  COHN, DAVID & HUNTER, MCCROSSIN
09/22/1995Helping students find the right direction 1  HUNTER, SHIRLEY
09/06/1994Rookie UNC students get helping hand 3  HUNTER, SHIRLEY
10/31/1985Editor resigns (Kome, Hunter) 2  PHOENIX, THE
06/21/1979Hunter displeased, article (letter) 4  HUNTER, DOLLY
04/12/1979Apartment shortage stifles hunters 1  HOUSING
01/22/1979Dean Hunter ventures. . .male vocation 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
...Dean Hunter ventures..male vocation 1  HUNTER, ROSEMARY
07/21/1977Textbook bargain hunters 3  TEXTBOOKS
10/28/1974Duke refuses to pay Thompson 1  THOMPSON, HUNTER
10/24/1974Thompson unprepared for speech 1  THOMPSON, HUNTER
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