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09/06/2011Medlin's art plan remains stalled 3  MEDLIN, Hogan
04/08/2011Ed: Running start on tuition 12  MEDLIN, Hogan
...Editorial: Runing start on tuition 12  MEDLIN, Hogan
04/07/2011A Fulbright future: Medlin, Din to travel, teach on Fulbright grants 3  MEDLIN, Hogan
04/05/2011Facing reality: Medlin faced challenging obstacle in budget 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
...Ed: A modest tenure for Medlin 10  MEDLIN, Hogan
04/04/2011Medlin vetoes bill that clarifies SBP rules 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
...Ed: Goodbye reform 11  MEDLIN, Hogan
03/31/2011Ed: Unecessary duplication: Medlin's legacy in question 12  MEDLIN, Hogan
03/25/2011Board approves new fees, permits 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
03/24/2011Medlin presents his arts plan to board / SBP calls plan his 'legacy' at UNC 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
02/28/2011Persuasion one of few SBP powers 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
02/14/2011Ed: Mr. Medlin goes to Raleigh 6  MEDLIN, Hogan
02/10/2011UCommons defense responds 3  MEDLIN, Hogan
02/09/2011Union decision stalled after 4 students sue Medlin, board 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
02/01/2011Ingram almost tossed by ASG 3  MEDLIN, Hogan
01/31/2011Arts plans moving forward 3  MEDLIN, Hogan
01/18/2011Medlin creates focus group for new transportation plan 3  MEDLIN, Hogan
01/13/2011Ed: Hogan's broken promise 10  MEDLIN, Hogan
11/30/2010Medlin signs first veto 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
...Override and amend: Pushing to properly amend the Student Code would have been better than an outright veto 10  MEDLIN, Hogan
10/26/2010Editorial: Innovating the arts 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
10/18/2010Medlin launches artistic legacy 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
10/13/2010Medlin expected to use first veto 1  MEDLIN, Hogan
10/11/2010Rameses owner Hogan dies - At 53, well-loved and remembered 1  MASCOT, UNC
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