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03/18/2014SAE chapters halt pledging 1  SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON
10/31/2013Fraternity party theme questioned 3  DELTA KAPPA EPSILON
08/20/2013Alpha Epsilon Pi moves to Frat Court 16  FRATERNITY COURT
10/09/2012Fraternity Court residents to get a new neighbor 1  ALPHA EPSILON PI
01/25/2010House begins in Smith's honor 1  DELTA KAPPA EPSILON
11/30/2009DKE receives new, stricter standards 1  DELTA KAPPA EPSILON
09/22/2004Med school reps recruit at health fair 5  ALPHA EPSILON DELTA
03/19/2002Fraternity resolves fire safety suit 1  SIGMA PHI EPSILON
03/07/2002Graduate, professional student honor society sponsors food drive 14  ALPHA EPSILON LAMBDA
04/11/2000Council Oks fraternity plans 8  DELTA KAPPA EPSILON
01/14/2000Renovations set for 5 fraternity houses 3  TAU EPSILON PHI
09/22/1998SAE Searches for Fresh Start 1  SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON
08/26/1998Fraternity Starts Over, Hunts for New Members 3  SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON
08/25/1998SAE Sanctions In Place, Chapter Hopes to Rebuild (letter) 8  SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON
08/09/1998Members Say TEP House Life is Tops 1  TAU EPSILON PHI
02/20/1998Editorial: Crime and punishment 8  SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON
02/17/1998Decoration thieves make deal in court 1  SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON
01/07/1998Editorial: The Grinches from Chapel Hill 12  SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON
12/06/1997Police locate stolen goods at fraternity 1  SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON
08/20/1997Alumni plan to buy fraternity house to give members better management 4  TAU EPSILON PHI
02/01/1995Fraternity presents $1,700 check to school of education program 3  SIGMA PHI EPSILON
12/07/1994Delta Phi Epsilon sorority closes its campus chapter 5  DELTA PHI EPSILON
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