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04/17/2015Panel discusses assault epidemic 1  SEXUAL ASSAULTS, UNC
Sexual Assault Movement
01/13/2014Flu takes 21 lives in North Carolina 7  FLU EPIDEMIC, UNC
12/01/2010Soda tax not the solution to the obesity epidemic (letters) 8  OBESITY, N. C.
12/09/2009H1N1 still poses threat 3  SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC 2009
12/08/2009Editorial: Get a vaccine 8  FLU EPIDEMIC, UNC
11/10/2009Staving off swine: About 200 students receive the H1N1 vaccine 3  SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC 2009
07/16/2009Campus swine flu count at least 7 3  SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC 2009
06/18/2009UNC student confirmed with case of H1N1 virus 6  SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC 2009
05/28/2009UNC responds to swine flu 1  SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC 2009
05/21/2009Professor says swine flue is no cause for alarm 7  SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC 2009
05/14/2009UNC officials prep for swine flu spread 1  SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC 2009
12/08/2003Flu epidemic packs early punch 1  INFLUENZA (FLU)
07/13/2000Lesotho Fights Battle Against AIDS Epidemic 2  STONE, CHUCK
03/03/1999Focus: World Awaits AIDS Vaccine as Epidemic Targets Impoverished 5  AIDS RESEARCH
08/18/1997Rabies epidemic continues unabated 8A  RABIES, ORANGE COUNTY
12/04/1996AIDS epidemic changes lifestyles, culture 1  AIDS AT UNC
04/04/1995Officials offer shots to curtail rabies epidemic 3  RABIES
01/09/1995AIDS epidemic stems from widespread ignorance [letter] 12  AIDS AWARENESS
01/31/1990Town residents miss ...outbreak 1  FLU EPIDEMIC 1990
01/30/1990SHS reports increase..influenza cases 3  FLU EPIDEMIC 1990
01/29/1990Flu epidemic sweeping across campus 1  FLU EPIDEMIC 1990
02/28/1989UNC followed state rules in epidemic 8  COWAN, JUDITH (SHS)
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