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01/28/2014Police make arrest in Rosemary shooting 1  CLARK, DENNIS JUNIOUS
10/10/2011UNC professors win awards for communication studies 3  MUMBY, Dennis
11/19/2010Four awarded by UNC Board of Trustees with high honor 3  GILLINGS, DENNIS
03/28/2008UNC shouldn't rename its School of Public Health (letter) 12  GILLINGS, DENNIS
04/05/2004Kucinich has his day 1  KUCINICH, Dennis
02/27/2004Tar Heels win track awards 5  CRADDOCK, DENNIS
01/21/2003Manager praises staff of Granville Towers for quick response to fire (letter) 12  ERNY, DENNIS
03/09/2000Wicker mingles with students 3  WICKER, DENNIS
09/01/1999Downgraded Dennis Hangs u-turn Toward Coast 1  HURRICANE DENNIS 1999
08/31/1999Dennis Bark Worse Than Bite 1  HURRICANE DENNIS 1999
...Editorial: Take Warning 16  HURRICANE DENNIS 1999
08/30/1999Dennis Digs into Carolina Coast 1  HURRICANE DENNIS 1999
06/04/1998Track coach conquers surgery to see team to tourney success 9  CRADDOCK, DENNIS
12/04/1997Public health school receives $3 million donation 2  GILLINGS, DENNIS
12/03/1997Former professor pledges millions to Public Health 3  GILLINGS, DENNIS
02/29/1996Opening Arguments Heard in Date Rape Trial 1  CHOI, DENNIS
02/28/1996Court to Decide if Jury Will Hear Former Student's Rape Interview 1  CHOI, DENNIS
01/30/1995Former professor's donation fulfills bicentennial goal 1  GILLINGS, DENNIS
09/23/1993Wicker: Health plan will work 3  WICKER, DENNIS
10/23/1992UNC alma mater to many N.C. politicians 1  WICKER, DENNIS
08/19/19916 UNC administrators to leave 1  O'CONNOR, DENNIS
04/22/1991O'Connor discusses air balls, athletics 3  O'CONNOR, DENNIS
04/15/1991O'Connor ranked in top 3 for Pitt U job 1  O'CONNOR, DENNIS
04/12/1991O'Connor in running for Pitt presidency 1  O'CONNOR, DENNIS
03/25/1991Push for official language longstanding 5  BARON, DENNIS
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