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07/17/2014Blackwood seals sheriff nomination 1  Blackwood, Charles
02/20/2013Hitlin faces 47 counts of expoloitation 1  HITLIN, CHARLES
01/10/2013New charges in computer crime investigation 1  HITLIN, CHARLES
11/19/2012Employee's office linked to sex crime 1  HITLIN, CHARLES
02/09/2012UNC alum pens novels as 'an entertainment' 3  KURALT, CHARLES
12/08/2009UNC professor recognized for breast cancer research 3  PEROU, Charles M.
10/01/2004Obstacles to voting not new 10  JEFFRESS, CHARLES
04/02/2004Local man charged with sexual assault, kidnapping 3  ENOCH, Charles
02/17/2004Fund to aid in-state study abroad 3  CHARLES GARLAND JOHNSON SR. SCHOLARS FUND
11/19/2003Remains could be of Dean's brother 9  DEAN, CHARLES
11/07/2003Chief comes home 1  MOOSE, CHARLES
11/06/2003Moose to discuss media, sniper case 3  MOOSE, CHARLES
04/20/2001Face behind the 'Freak' 3  CAMPBELL, CHARLES
04/06/2001BOG to incldue 5 incumbents, 4 newcomers 1  MERCER, CHARLES
06/01/2000Kuralt's legacy lives on at UNC 1  KURALT, CHARLES
03/22/2000UNC alumnus honors Kuralt's legacy 10  KURALT, CHARLES
02/29/2000Astronaut eyes Chancellor spot 1  BRADY, CHARLES
01/24/2000Naming who could be next 1  KNAPP, CHARLES
11/24/1999Author Joins Honored Ranks 3  PRICE, CHARLES
...Professors Wants Truth About UNC's Contract With Wachovia Bank (letter) 8  MURPHY, CHARLES
06/10/1999Professor to Lecture on N.C.Folk Pottery 3  ZUG, CHARLES
02/26/1999Exhibit Highlights Memory of Kuralt 5  KURALT, CHARLES
07/23/1998Chief finalist says he would cultivate trust 1  TIFFIN, CHARLES
04/24/1998Promoting Progress 3  WEISS, CHARLES & SHIRLEY
10/23/1997Revenue sports' expenditures hurt intellectual endeavors (letter) 16  MURPHY, CHARLES
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