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06/14/2012Elfland will retire after four decades 3  ELFLAND, CAROLYN
04/08/2011Five Students awarded Class of 1938 study abroad awards 3  TREASURE, Carolyn-
05/22/2008Bus victim 'at her peak' 1  MORAN, Lisa Carolyn
...Two pedestrian deaths highlight safety concerns 1  MORAN, Lisa Carolyn
11/17/1998Appointed Police Chief Takes Oath 1  HUTCHINSON, CAROLYN
11/11/1998New Chief Chosen In Carrboro 1  HUTCHINSON, CAROLYN
12/01/1997Technology staff's departure not as bleak as editorial said (letter) 8  KOTLAR, CAROLYN
12/01/1993Advocate promotes BCC with passion 3  MCDONALD, CAROLYNN
03/09/1992Administrator hopes new chief will take April 1 1  EFLAND, CAROLYN
02/28/1992Edwards might withdraw from mediation attempts 1  ELFLAND, CAROLYN
09/05/1989Auto accident kills UNC student (Lam) 4  LAM, CAROLYN JEAN
02/11/1983Collection keeps past alive 5  WALLACE, CAROLYN
01/14/1970NC Poet, Novelist To Join Faculty 3  KIZER, CAROLYN
03/28/1968Poetess Kizer Leads Magazine Class 3  KIZER, CAROLYN
11/14/1963Durand And Pinion Ask For Expulsion 1  PINION, CAROLYN
05/04/1963Carolyn Pinion Is New Council Head 1  CAROLINA WOMEN'S COUNCIL (CWC)
11/24/1959Carolyn Kelley Named Queen 1  CAROLINA VS. DUKE, 1959
09/19/19596 Women Grad Students Get Posts 1  SHEPARD, CAROLYN
...Tar Heel Band to Give Halftime Show Today 1  MITCHELL, CAROLYN