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11/08/2012UNC's tuition-setting process not universal 1  CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF (SYSTEM), TUITION
10/06/2011Review of peer institutions could affect tuition levels 1  CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF (SYSTEM), TUITION
04/15/2004ASG's woes also appear nationwide 1  CALIFORNIA STATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION
02/03/2004Editorial: Rules of the game 10  CALIFORNIA SENATE BILL 193
01/29/2004Fate of olympic sports in question 1  CALIFORNIA SENATE BILL 193
01/28/2004Tuition hikes soon likely a peer schools 1  CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF (SYSTEM), TUITION
08/26/2003Arnold's candidacy is not an act 10  California Governor
08/21/2001Basketball ticket paln aims to curb cheating 3a  CALIFORNIA PIZZA CAF
01/07/1999Horne Sought by California Schools 1  HORNE, GERALD
03/24/1997UNC quells California's upset bid 7  BASKETBALL TEAM, 1997
11/13/1995New Action Plan Working in California 11  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
07/27/1995Ed: California nightmare 12  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
04/15/1994Returning to California sweet for UNC cheerleaders 9  CHEERLEADERS
01/20/1994UNC students feel pain of California quake 3  EARTHQUAKE, LA 1994
01/19/1994Earthquake leaves Californians in Chaos 1  EARTHQUAKE, LA 1994
10/26/1993California student-fees ruling won't affect university groups 1  STUDENT FEES
04/22/1992Former UNC chief lands job at. . .California university 3  TRUJILLO, ARNOLD
02/13/1992California dreamin': Browin failing to achieve. . . 1  BROWN, JERRY
04/25/1991California student fees rise sharply 1  EDUCATION, U.S.
10/03/1972A Southern California boyhood 6  FRANK, NYLE
10/06/1961Ex-UNC Student Amid California Political Turmoil 2  MAYER, HENRY
12/15/1929President Sproul [University of California] visit University 1  SPROUL, Robert Gordon
00/00/0000California marijuana vote won't influence NC laws 10  MARIJUANA LAWS
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