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09/27/20042 UNC students charged in DWI incident Friday 3  CARPENTER, Brett
11/20/2002Red Carpet Restrictions 12  CAROLINA UNION
10/23/1995SRC closes again to replace carpet, will re-open Nov. 1 3  SCOTT RESIDENCE COLLEGE (SRC)
10/17/1995SRC re-opens 2 months after flooding; new carpet expected early nest month 1  SCOTT RESIDENCE COLLEGE (SRC)
02/02/1995Marriot responded to veggie needs with gardenburger 8  MARRIOT CARP.
05/19/1994Collins: Question Life; Treasure Faith, Love 1  COLLEGE ASSOC. ... RESEARCH OF PRINCIPLES (CARP)
11/16/1993Carpenter overpowers Gill with unpretentious air 5  REVIEWS, CONCERT
01/19/1984Recognition lost after discrepancy 3  COLLEGE ASSOC. ... RESEARCH OF PRINCIPLES (CARP)
11/29/1983Leader speaks on Unification (interview) 1  COLLEGE ASSOC. ... RESEARCH OF PRINCIPLES (CARP)
10/29/1981Carpenter leads honor system 1  HONOR COURT
04/24/1981see CARP 8  MOONIES
11/25/1980CARP members protest. . . 3  COLLEGE ASSOC. ... RESEARCH OF PRINCIPLES (CARP)
11/20/1980Protest greets Moonies 1  COLLEGE ASSOC. ... RESEARCH OF PRINCIPLES (CARP)
08/29/1978New system to encourage carpooling 1  PARKING
01/10/1974Editorial: Calendar. . .items for carpool 8  PARKING
09/03/1971Carpet sale stopped by administration 1  STUDENT AFFAIRS
10/26/1967Chase Keeps 'C' Changes Manager 6  CARPENTER, JESSE
09/19/1959Tar Heel Band to Give Halftime Show Today 1  CARPENTER, JO
05/04/1930Student killed and three hurt in motor wreck 1  CARPENTER, Joe/SMITH, Carlyse/WILEY, Flem