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10/26/2010Editorial: Replacing Curran 8  CURRAN, Brian
10/20/2010Police chief to retire at 55 3  CURRAN, Brian
10/19/2010Police Chief Brian Curran to retire 3  CHAPEL HILL POLICE
04/01/2008False report makes a stir 1  SHARPE, Brian
09/14/2004UNC professor wins White House honor 9  STRAHL, Brian
04/12/2004DTH staffers win national awards 5  CASSELLA, Brian
03/25/2004Kaufman's 'Sunshine' rises to the occasion 7  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
03/18/2004UNC reloads with talented trio 12  KALBAS, Brian
03/04/2004Burch seminar offers glimpse of NYC life 3  SMITH, Brian
02/04/20042 DTH photographers get NCPPA student awards 7  CASSELLA, Brian
12/04/2003Op.Ed: Middle school sagas can be more than painful memories 12  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
11/20/2003Op. Ed: Rise in popularity of DVDs brings both bangs and bust 14  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
11/13/2003Op.Ed: Television shows are more than just images in the box 12  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
11/06/2003Op.Ed: Video games, Generation Y find identity in each other 10  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
10/16/2003OpEd: E-mail, IM, overshadowing traditional communication 11  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
...Op.Ed: E-mail, IM overshadowing traditional communication 14  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
10/09/2003OpEd: 'Sequel mania' not living up to movie industry hype 14  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
09/18/2003Op.Ed: Sarcasm, wit the security blankets of our generation 16  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
08/28/2003Op.Ed: Rankings of pop idols offer only glitz and no substance 12  MILLIKIN, BRIAN
04/08/2003Durham suffers 1st local death of war on Iraq 1  ANDERSON, BRIAN
03/19/2002UNC's Morrison to transfer after spring semester 1  MORRISON, BRIAN
06/28/2001Court rules company overcharged for tow 3  ROESLER, BRIAN
02/09/2001Resignation points to CAA's internal tension 1  HART, BRIAN
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