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09/07/2011Editorial: From a mistake, a message 8  SCOTT, Billy
11/09/2004Nation wins if voters partake 8  CONSTANGY, Billy
10/06/2004Downing the devils 3  SCOTT, Billy
03/04/2004Men share responsibility to help curb sexual assault (letter) 12  BALL, BILLY
01/09/2004Man guilty of raping student 3  LUNSFORD, BILLY RAY
11/25/2003Op Ed: Bluegrass players change the world one string at a time 10  BALL, BILLY
11/18/2003Op.Ed: Creativity in teaching could bring more practical lessons 10  BALL, BILLY
11/11/2003Op.Ed: Franklin Street's spectacles, charm missing nowadays 10  BALL, BILLY
11/04/2003Op.Ed: Securing control over job, likfe key objective for many 10  BALL, BILLY
10/14/2003Op.Ed: Money, not necessarily fame factor in our career choices 10  BALL, BILLY
10/07/2003OpEd: Elitism has no place in the academic sphere of today 10  BALL, BILLY
09/30/2003Op.Ed: Finding voice takes more piggybacking the past 10  BALL, BILLY
09/16/2003Op.Ed: Illness provides insight into friends, foes and insides 8  BALL, BILLY
09/09/2003Op:Ed: Coffee shops' vibe diluted by invasion of mainstream 10  BALL, BILLY
08/26/2003Op.Ed: Television icons a welcome insight into the real world 28  BALL, BILLY
02/14/2000SBP write-in promises fun, open government 7  HILLBURN, BILLY
02/10/1998Deposition: ticket topic of improper discussions 1  ARMFIELD, BILLY
11/04/1997Grievance procedure escalates to next step 1  ARMFIELD, BILLY
10/13/1997University Police officer claims obstruction of justice 3  ARMIFIELD, BILLY
10/10/1997Editorial: Do as I say. . . 12  ARMIFIELD, BILLY
10/07/1997Armfield's daughter cited for violation 1  ARMIFIELD, BILLY
...Police officer claims citation double standard exists 1  ARMIFIELD, BILLY
03/14/1995Olympic champion shares keys to life 1  MILLS, BILLY
04/14/1994Billy Joel 9A  REVIEWS, CONCERT
01/27/1992Time Out cook Billy loses car, clothes in fire 3  PENNY, BILLY
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