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09/15/2004Professor named president of Biophysical Society 3  LENTZ, Barry R.
03/07/2000DNA, book top attorneys' talk 3  SCHECK, BARRY
08/30/1999Police Veteran to Head for UNC 1  THOMPSON, BARRY
03/12/1998Barrymore Entertains With Her Acting Style 7  REVIEWS, FILM
01/28/1998Editorial: Tenure proposal 10  NAKELL, BARRY
01/23/1998Tenure policy faces changes after firing 1  NAKELL, BARRY
10/06/1997UNC researchers lead efforts to document Russian lifestyle 4  POPKIN, BARRY
08/18/1997Nakell complies with court's orders] 7A  NAKELL, BARRY
07/03/1997Nakell complies with court requirements 5  NAKELL, BARRY
05/15/1997Nakell takes firing appeal to BOG 3  NAKELL, BARRY
04/22/19972 UNC students' cases continued 3  BERMAN, BARRY
04/15/1997Nakell to appeal to BOT about dismissal 3  NAKELL, BARRY
04/04/1997Friend: pot-smoking incident a cry for help 1  BERMAN, BARRY
04/03/1997Student cited for in-class drug use 1  BERMAN, BARRY
03/24/1997Chancellor disagrees, dismisses law professor in place of discipline 11  NAKELL, BARRY
...OP-ED: Sanctions urged instead of discharge 11  NAKELL, BARRY
03/21/1997Letter outlines Hooker's reason for termination 1  NAKELL, BARRY
03/18/1997Nakell's dismissal disregards rightful role of faculty review (letter) 8  NAKELL, BARRY
03/06/1997Editorial: [Justify firing] 12  NAKELL, BARRY
...Unfair firing of law professor harms Unc academics' spirit 12  NAKELL, BARRY
03/04/1997Law students question Nakell's dismissal 1  NAKELL, BARRY
03/03/1997Hooker rules against panel, releases Nakell 1  NAKELL, BARRY
02/21/1997Hooker undecided about law professor's job status 3  NAKELL, BARRY
02/14/1997Law professor genetically ill, judgment attitude wrong (letter) 10  NAKELL, BARRY
02/07/1997Law professor's future at UNC still uncertain 1  NAKELL, BARRY
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