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10/16/2012UNC professor a poetry award finalist 6  SHAPIRO, ALAN
12/01/2004Gell speaks on prison struggles 9  GELL, Alan
11/11/2004Taking the reins 1  KEYES, Alan
10/26/2004Belly flop 1  WOODRUFF, Alan
09/15/2004Congress OKs funds for Keyes 1  KEYES, Alan
09/14/2004Op.Ed: If he speaks, Alan Keyes is making 700,000 cents 12  SPEAKERS ON CAMPUS
09/13/2004Congress member should be open to his constituents (letter) 9  KEYES, Alan
09/10/2004Inviting Keyes would cost students too much money (letter) 8  KEYES, Alan
09/08/2004Panel allots $7,000 for Keyes talk 1  KEYES, Alan
06/03/2004Alanis' glee tough to swallow 6  REVIEWS, MUSIC
03/18/2004Bye, Bye Sky 4  FEARING, Alan
03/16/2004Health Board OKs Roper 3  STEWART, W. ALAN
03/18/1999English Professor Wins National Poetry Prize 3  SHAPIRO, ALAN
11/11/1998UNC Alumni Trade Carolina Blue For Badges 3  PHILLEY, ALAN
08/10/1998Ex-UNC Police Chief Takes Vermont Job 2  ENNIS, ALANA
01/09/1998McSurely's popularity not universal in North Carolina (letter) 8  MCSURELY, ALAN
12/04/1997Civil rights lie behind McSurely's legal views 1  MCSURELY, ALAN
...McSurely, Swain meet with BSM 1  MCSURELY, ALAN
11/21/1997UNC officer, lawyer to decide on lawsuit 1  MCSURELY, ALAN
10/23/1997Study refutes dinosaur-bird relationship 1  FEDUCCIA, ALAN
09/15/1997New business school hosts open house 1  GREENSPAN, ALAN
09/08/1997Greenspan will take part in dedication 3  GREENSPAN, ALAN
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