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11/04/2010Ed: Don't run from Jones legacy 12  WOMEN'S BASKETBALL TEAM, 1994
06/01/1995Violent crimes declines in Chapel Hill for 1994 1  CRIME, CHAPEL HILL
02/14/1995Former Gov. explains 1994 republican surge 3  MARTIN, JAMES
01/10/1995Professors didn't make grade-fast enough-at fall semester's end 1  GRADES, FALL 1994
...Revenues from sun bowl won't meet costs 3  SUN BOWL 1994
01/09/1995Time, texas, injury too much for UNC "D" 7  FOOTBALL TEAM, 1994
SUN BOWL, 1994
01/06/1995Only one student named to chancellor search group 3  CHANCELLOR'S SEARCH 1994
11/30/1994UNC loses three chancellor candidates 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH, 1994
11/28/1994Chancellor search full of questions 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH, 1994
11/21/1994Ed:The one that got away 10  CHANCELLOR SEARCH, 1994
11/17/1994Search for new chancellor to be finished by march 1  CHANCELLOR SEARCH, 1994
11/14/1994The first impressions 1  CAROLINA IMPRESSIONS 1994
...Werly nets hat trick as hockey beats B.C. 10  FIELD HOCKEY, 1994
...Women's soccer drills duke, survives state 10  WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM, 1994
11/11/1994Women's soccer and field hockey kick off NCAA title quests 5  FIELD HOCKEY TEAM 1994
11/03/1994Cross country champions deserve more coverage [letter] 12  CROSS COUNTRY TEAM, 1994
11/02/1994Town, tricksters keep trouble down 1  HALLOWEEN, 1994
...Local authors raise funds to prevent hunger 3  WRITER'S HARVEST, 1994
...Meeting to address lack of input in chancellor search [letter] 10  CHANCELLOR SEARCH, 1994
10/17/1994$3.5 billion budget to give boost to salaries 1  BUDGET, 1994
10/10/1994Newly crowned queen's service project combats drugs and poverty 1  HOMECOMING QUEEN 1994
...UNC basketball fans to get taste of midnight madness earlier this year 1  BASKETBALL TEAM 1994
...BSM should realize its candidate wasn't tops 11  HOMECOMING QUEEN 1994
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