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01/22/2008Dean Smith's effigy was not hung because of race 10  BASKETBALL TEAM, 1967
01/13/1994Quiet protesters meet Humphrey in 1967 visit 2  DTH, HISTORY
12/13/1967Editorial: Richter At Speak-Out: Soap Box To Sand Box 2  SPEAK-OUT 1967
12/02/1967Fencing A Sissy Sport? Never Says Ron Miller 4  FENCING TEAM, 1967
11/16/1967SP Pulls Majority Of Positions: Powell, McAllister Top Winners 1  CLASS OFFICERS, 1967
11/15/1967Farris Is President; Other Results Not In 1  CLASS OFFICERS, 1967
11/10/1967Derby Day: Lots of Girls And A Happy Crowd 1  DERBY DAY, 1967
10/18/1967Homecoming Queen Voting Friday 1  HOMECOMING, 1967
...Tuition Raise Called Unfair 2  TUITION HIKE, 1967
10/13/1967Country Needs Domestic Unity, Gardner Says 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, 1967
10/12/1967Gardner Heads Ceremonies 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, 1967
10/08/1967UNC "Week Of Speakers" Begins 1  WEEK OF SPEAKERS, 1967
10/05/1967Smart Fans Go For Wisdom 5  SOCCER TEAM, 1967
10/03/1967Chem Lectures Schedules Here 1  VENABLE LECTURE, 1967
09/26/1967Gardner To Speak On University Day 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, 1967
09/16/1967Dooley Takes Tar Heels To War Against State 1  FOOTBALL TEAM, 1967
09/15/1967Editorial: Win Or Lose 2  FOOTBALL TEAM, 1967
09/12/1967Record 14,595 Students Are Enrolled 1  ENROLLMENT, 1967
...Thursday Classes Follow Students' Orientation Week 1  ORIENTATION, 1967
...A Challenge Faces Dooley 21  FOOTBALL TEAM, 1967
...Bill Guthridge Came To Carolina Because He Admires Smith's Style 25  BASKETBALL TEAM, 1967
...Soccer, Cross Country Improved 26  SOCCER TEAM, 1967
...Williams Eyes Fastest Mile In Tar Heel Track History 27  TRACK AND FIELD TEAM, 1967