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02/05/2002Young Democrats' CAA endorsement given to Willet 3  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
02/27/2001SBP-elect addresses Young Democrats 1  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
10/14/1996OP-ED: UNC Young Democrats not responsible for lies posters 10  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
02/04/2003Young Democrats, Sangam endorse Tepper for SBP 1  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
10/15/1973Lady Bird visit causes UNC controversy 1  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
01/29/2002Young Democrats Support McKinney 1  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
11/21/1989Rally coverage yellow journalism (letter) 8  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
11/13/1989College GOP disrupt Democratic rally 1  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
11/09/1973Lady Bird honored by YDC 4  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
10/13/1999Club Celebrates 60th year 9  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
11/28/2003Edwards' manager visit Young Dems 3  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
03/25/2004Op.Ed: College Republicans eager to debate Young Democrats 16  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
11/04/2003Insko discusses cuts, cap 9  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
09/23/2003Organizations spur voter drive 6  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
10/07/2003Senator pitches halt to deaths 5  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
10/14/2003Debate puts U.S. policy on center stage 2  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
02/03/2004Young dems lend a hand to Calabria 1  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
11/21/1959YDC Releases Resolution On ECC President 1  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
03/17/2004Students steer precinct toward caucus 3  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
03/23/2004UNC Dems unify for Kerry 3  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
03/26/2004Young Democrats haven't avoided debate possibility (letter) 10  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
09/08/2004Editorial: Cleaning the mess 8  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
09/28/2004Price bashes Bush, praises students 3  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
09/30/2004Campus politicos face off in debate 3  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
10/01/2004Campus groups continue work 10  YOUNG DEMOCRATS
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