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02/22/1978WXYC listenership low. . . 4  WXYC
03/01/2002WXYC's new music director has his listening ears on 3  WXYC
04/20/1988WXYC elects new manager 4  WXYC
12/07/1994WXYC first radio station with continous internet rebroadcast 1  WXYC
11/18/1977Editorial: Cold war rages at WXYC 6  WXYC
04/01/1997Graveyard shift groove 1  WXYC
11/09/1984Editorial: Dialing for dollars 10  WXYC
08/26/1991Campus activities looking for recruits 7  WXYC
11/16/1989Congress OKs funding for WXYC 1  WXYC
09/21/1977CGC vote keeps WXYC on the air 1  WXYC
03/17/1978WXYC celebrates birthday 1  WXYC
01/27/1978New station boss produces harmony 4  WXYC
04/22/1982DJ defends format (letter) 6  WXYC
11/30/1977Move to fire Madison defeated. . . 1  WXYC
02/23/1978WXYC defends policy (letter) 4  WXYC
10/08/1980Station head, engineer to resign 1  WXYC
11/07/1986Bands to rock the Cradle for WXYC 1  WXYC
11/22/1977Controversy continues as manager fires. . . 1  WXYC
10/14/2002New Internet Legislation Will Not Exempt WXYC From Fees 8  WXYC
11/07/1977WXYC wins A & M record award 5  WXYC
11/13/1985How about more mainstream (letter) 6  WXYC
04/13/1982Offers alternative sounds 1  WXYC
12/07/1989Diversity draws unique crowd... 6  WXYC
11/17/1977Ex-WXYC staffer charged with threat. . . 1  WXYC
04/26/1999Sending Waves Across Campus 2  WXYC
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