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02/27/1997University, community to celebrate black womanhood 3  BLACK WOMEN STUDENTS
03/25/2013Ed: Celebrate black women at UNC 8  BLACK WOMEN STUDENTS
02/12/1981Buckner, Norberg likely to face runoff 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
04/25/1970SL Passes Bill Condemning Sex Discrimination In Rules 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
04/28/1970Hightower Tops List of Women Feted by Dean 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
12/15/1960Editorial: Coeds In Danger On Dark Campus Walks 2  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
10/24/1967Out of State Coeds: A Reduction? 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
11/30/1895Shall Women be allowed to Study at the University 2  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
11/20/1938Report shows coed vocational trend -women major in Sociology and Library Science 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
09/24/1897Co-Education [women students at UNC] 3  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
10/09/1929Carolina co-eds tour continent 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
01/23/1930Reader's Opinions: The Co-ed opinion of college men 2  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
02/13/1963Most colleges opposed to Co-ed dormitory partying 2  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
05/05/1964UNC Coed Beauties Are Denied Entry In 'Miss Orange Country' 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
10/03/1941Coed Senate Provides Representation from Town 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
04/20/1930Editorial: Carolina Needs full-fledged co-education 2  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
04/24/1930Editorial: The growing equality of the co-ed 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
08/07/1942Enrollment Figures Show 5% Decrease in Coeds 1  SEE WOMEN STUDENTS (COEDS/CO-EDS)
08/28/1998Women Leave Lounge Life 3  HOUSING, WOMEN STUDENTS
10/03/1968Petition Requests Tighter Security 1  HOUSING, WOMEN STUDENTS
11/18/1960Women Required To Reserve Rooms 1  HOUSING, WOMEN STUDENTS
09/19/1967No Comment On Housing For Women 1  HOUSING, WOMEN STUDENTS
10/21/2003Dean Seeking Dorm Designs 1  HOUSING, WOMEN STUDENTS
11/01/1967Smith To Be Changed Into Office Building 1  HOUSING, WOMEN STUDENTS
11/15/1991Editorial: Welcome the women 10  WOMEN STUDENTS, UNC
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