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04/18/1995Suspect to have mental exam 3  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
09/08/1995No need to see Williamson's face in paper every day [letter] 8  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
11/08/1995Families of Victims Say Justice Was Not Served 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
09/22/1998Jury Awards Williamson $500,000 in Negligence Suit 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
02/21/1995Jury indicts Williamson; no other charges filed 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
01/27/19952 shot dead on henderson st. 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
01/31/1995Suspect moved to state prison 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
09/28/1998State Might Get Williamson's Award 3  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
01/27/1995Nearby deaths stun sorority 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
09/07/1995Evidence won't be admitted 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
09/05/1995Lawyers attempting to keep media out 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
02/20/1995Double-murder case to go before grand jury today 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
10/23/1995Williamson trial begins today 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
10/21/1998Williamson's Ex-Doctor Seeks Overturn Verdict 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
09/06/1995Pretrial hearings begin today 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
10/26/1995Testimony Under Way in Double-Murder Trial 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
08/30/1995DA files motion to get Williamson's UNC record 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
01/06/1997Wrongful-death suit settled out of court 5  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
10/18/1995Williamson to undergo more tests 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
06/15/1995Williamson's lawyers cite mental illness in shootings 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
09/14/1998Williamson Explains His Illness 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
01/21/1997Shooting victim's son files another civil suit 3  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
06/22/1995Williamson found competent to stand trial Oct. 23 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
11/18/1996Williamson civil lawsuit settled 1  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
02/06/1997Victim's son files suit against University 3  WILLIAMSON, WENDELL
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