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04/15/2003Roy Returns 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
04/16/2003Tar Heel fans welcome Williams 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
...Kansas student angered at Williams' return to UNC (letter) 10  WILLIAMS, ROY
07/14/1988Named coach of Kansas University 38  WILLIAMS, ROY
04/10/2003Bohl out; Williams' future unknown 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
04/16/2003Williams' arrival is salavation needed by the University (letter) 10  WILLIAMS, ROY
...UK student wishes Williams, UNC success despite switch (letter) 10  WILLIAMS, ROY
04/11/2003Talk with Williams, others continue 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
04/15/2003UNC welcomes Williams with open arms 5  WILLIAMS, ROY
...Home lure too strong to resist 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
...Williams' hiring pleases players 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
...Williams accepts 2nd chance at UNC 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
12/08/1978Dream come true for JV coach (Williams) 6  WILLIAMS, ROY
07/06/2000Williams to decide his Future by Friday 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
07/13/2000Editorial: Poor Sportsmanship 8  WILLIAMS, ROY
10/17/2003'Late Night' opens Williams era 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
...Editorial: Weekend of fun 8  WILLIAMS, ROY
11/24/2003North Carolina, come on and raise up 3  WILLIAMS, ROY
10/27/2003Editorial: Money well spent 9  WILLIAMS, ROY
...Letter: Editorial hinting at early recruitment of Williams to University misinformed 9  WILLIAMS, ROY
01/06/2004History in the making: 2003 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
...Williams accepts 2nd chance at UNC 2  WILLIAMS, ROY
10/22/2003Editorial: Teaching Patience [men's basketball team] 10  WILLIAMS, ROY
...High salary for UNC coach reflective of society at large (letter) 10  WILLIAMS, ROY
10/17/2003'Late Night" opens Williams era 1  WILLIAMS, ROY
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