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09/18/1973FM proposal up for vote 1  WCAR
09/25/1974Editorial freedom not issue (letter) 6  WCAR
10/09/1973Women-oriented radio show scheduled 3  WCAR
09/19/1973Editorial: 2 issues Union president/WCAR 6  WCAR
03/05/1974WCAR's Taylor threatens to resign 3  WCAR
04/16/19739 clubs seek more SG funds 1  WCAR
04/09/1975N.C. State Dept. gives corporate 1  WCAR
04/10/1971Lawyer money reinstated by SL; WCAR loses vote 1  WCAR
02/23/1973WCAR moves to Union 1  WCAR
03/25/1975WCAR legal fees run $3,000 1  WCAR
04/12/1971WCAR contest under review of state office 1  WCAR
11/21/1972Editorial: Campus radio: what's needed 6  WCAR
09/19/1973Listener wants FM radio (letter) 6  WCAR
10/23/1972WCAR relocation, loan service funded 1  WCAR
09/25/1974Op.Ed: 'Black Sounds' and editorial 1  WCAR
10/12/1972Scott Senate votes to turn off WCAR 1  WCAR
03/12/1975UNC retracts FM station support 1  WCAR
09/08/1972WCAR plans move to Union (from E'haus) 5  WCAR
03/03/1975FM frequencies becoming scarce (letter) 6  WCAR
01/25/1973WCAR slates time for black program 3  WCAR
02/18/1975Non-profit status set for station 1  WCAR
11/03/1971Pub Board fires WCAR head 1  WCAR
09/26/1974CGC skirts 'Sounds' issue 1  WCAR
11/15/1971WCAR to have more pop 4  WCAR
09/22/1971Line problems plague WCAR 7  WCAR
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