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07/11/2002Drought Could Cause Water Restrictions 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS
02/06/2012Workshop to focus on water quality issues 8  WATER RESTRICTIONS
07/05/2012N.C. State water safe after odor reports 5  WATER RESTRICTIONS
08/27/2002More Water Restrictions on the Way 3  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
10/07/2002Campus Launches Water Conservation Campaign 6  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
08/27/2002Students Not to Blame for Water Depletion 3  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
10/07/2002Area Water Use Dropped 29 Percent in September 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
09/23/2002UNC Could Face More Limits 3  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
11/08/2002OWASA Eliminates All Water Restrictions 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
11/20/2002Lifted Restrictions Aid Local Businesses 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
10/16/2002Hillsborough Sees Drop in Limits On Water Usage 3  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
07/18/2002Water Restrictions Go Into Effect for Orange County 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
10/30/2002Water Restrictions May Lead to Rate Increase 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
10/21/2002OWASA Drops Water Restrictions to Stage 2, Will Review Policies 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
10/30/2002Residents, Business Conserve Water During Drought 2  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
09/25/2002Task Force Meets To Discuss Water Conservation 3  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
07/25/2002Water Usage Drops in Orange County 3  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
11/11/2002Campus to Continue Conserving 3  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
10/21/2002UNC Officials to Continue Water Conservation 5  WATER RESTRICTIONS, 2002
10/03/2002Water Wars' To Encourage Conservation 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS, UNC
11/12/2002UNC's Water Wars To Last All Semester 4  WATER RESTRICTIONS, UNC
09/27/2002Droughts Challenge Campus 1  WATER RESTRICTIONS, UNC
10/25/2011Bingham Facility water treatment questioned 9  WATER RESTRICTIONS, UNC