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10/06/1960Most Students Aren't Eligible To Vote In Chapel Hill 1  VOTING, STUDENTS
05/11/1961Committee Kills Student Voting Bill In Raleigh 1  VOTING, STUDENTS
10/18/2004Campus voting kicks off 1  VOTING, STUDENTS
03/04/1969Vote 'No' On Proposal 1; Vote 'Yes' On Proposal 2; Vote 'Yes' On RCF Changes 2  VOTING, STUDENTS
04/22/1969Referndum Vote Today On NSA, Black Courts 1  VOTING, STUDENTS
11/05/2010Precinct predictament: Current precinct lines are confusing and inconvenient for students 8  VOTING, STUDENTS
06/16/2011Legislators propose to alter voting rules before 2012 4  VOTING, STUDENTS
09/13/2011Early voting site relocated 1  VOTING, STUDENTS
10/04/201117-year-olds unable to vote on referendum 9  VOTING, STUDENTS
03/15/2011Voter ID bill could disenfranchise students 3  VOTING, STUDENTS
02/14/2012Candidates worry new voting process could reduce turnout 3  VOTING, STUDENTS
03/23/1963New dorms won't get extra time for balloting 1  VOTING, STUDENTS
10/09/2012Parties aim for early voting 3  VOTING, STUDENTS
10/31/2012Turnout weak for talk on Latino vote 5  VOTING, STUDENTS
04/05/2013Voting Laws could increase wait times 3  VOTING, STUDENTS
04/08/2013Ed: Voting should be free 4  VOTING, STUDENTS
07/25/2013Ed: Keep students voting 8  VOTING, STUDENTS
08/21/2013Board of Elections debates on-campus voting site 1  VOTING, STUDENTS
...Ed: Let the students vote 8  VOTING, STUDENTS
09/27/2013Column on voter ID missed the point (letter) 8  VOTING, STUDENTS
11/05/2013Why Vote? 1  VOTING, STUDENTS
01/08/2014Free ID card made available for voters 3  VOTING, STUDENTS
11/06/2008Ed: After the vote 12  VOTING, STUDENTS
04/01/2014Ed: Show them it matters 10  VOTING, STUDENTS
02/23/1963Ed: Lower Voting Age To 18 In State 2  VOTING, STUDENTS