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11/05/1993Editorial: Improving voter turnout 8  VOTER TURNOUT
11/04/1994Voter guide to increase awareness 3  VOTER TURNOUT
11/26/2003Tepper plans to rally student voters 1  VOTER TURNOUT
11/04/2003Editorial: Head to the Polls 10  VOTER TURNOUT
02/19/2004Plan urges fix to school precincts 3  VOTER TURNOUT
08/24/2004Political tumult attracts youth 1  VOTER TURNOUT
08/25/2004Editorial: Improving turnout 12  VOTER TURNOUT
09/24/2004New voters are young, minorities 3  VOTER TURNOUT
10/12/2004Groups tackle voter mobility 2  VOTER TURNOUT
10/19/2004Coach, others rally student voters 1  VOTER TURNOUT
10/22/2004Early voters flock to polls 1  VOTER TURNOUT
10/29/2004Poll workers troubleshoot heavy voting 1  VOTER TURNOUT
11/02/200430,000 take to polls in advance 1  VOTER TURNOUT
11/04/2004Voters arrive at polls in force 1  VOTER TURNOUT
...Editorial: Getting the worm 14  VOTER TURNOUT
11/09/2004Election-day lessons 8  VOTER TURNOUT
...Energy to help future efforts 8  VOTER TURNOUT
...Nation wins if voters partake 8  VOTER TURNOUT
...Students need to vote in every year's elections 8  VOTER TURNOUT
...Hope cannot inspire change without effort 8  VOTER TURNOUT
...Editorial: Always want more 10  VOTER TURNOUT
11/09/2011Voter turnout up slightly in Orange County 7  VOTER TURNOUT
02/20/2012Ed:A recipe for failure 6  VOTER TURNOUT
02/08/2010Little research goes into voting 1  VOTER TURNOUT
04/10/2012Libertarian ideals growing in young voters 1  VOTER TURNOUT
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