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09/07/1972Editorial: Students should. . .vote 6  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/10/1971Editorial: Rule could help campus 8  VOTER REGISTRATION
10/11/1993Editorial: Utilize your vote 10  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/06/2001ASG gets grant to boost youth voter registration 3  VOTER REGISTRATION
02/07/1979Court strikes rules barring votes 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/20/1971More students registering in town 6  VOTER REGISTRATION
11/18/1971Rally urges registration 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/26/1994Ed: Defying the slacker myth (revisited) 10  VOTER REGISTRATION
10/11/1993Students plan last-minute voter drive 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
10/01/1992Editorial: Rock the boat: Allow Rock the Vote 8  VOTER REGISTRATION
10/05/1984Editorial: CGC's drive off course 6  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/11/1971SG passes bill to avoid voting suit 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
10/15/1971Vote law change goal of coalition 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
01/28/1992Editorial: Encouraging voter apathy 8  VOTER REGISTRATION
11/17/1971Rally scheduled for Thursday 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
02/08/1979Editorial: Balance restored 8  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/14/1971Editorial: Voting requirements unfair 6  VOTER REGISTRATION
11/01/1996Carolina Vote Project plans voter mobilization program 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/21/1971Registration drive begins 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/22/1972Campus registration set 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
08/29/1972Local political focus 1  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/25/1972Editorial: Register today in Woolen Gym 6  VOTER REGISTRATION
10/10/1984Op.Ed: Drive not right enough for DTH 8  VOTER REGISTRATION
09/30/1971Editorial: Registration needed on campus 6  VOTER REGISTRATION
03/21/1972Insight (Several articles on the issue) 3  VOTER REGISTRATION
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