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10/28/1994Ed: How to turn up the turnoput 10  VOTER APATHY
11/16/1994DTH reflects voter apathy in its own lethargic survey [letter] 10  VOTER APATHY
02/09/2004Editorial: An important vote 10  VOTER APATHY
02/20/2004Voter issues come to fore 3  VOTER APATHY
03/18/1970Editorial Cartoon: It's Hard To Fight Student Apathy With One Ballot Box At Y-Court And A 30 Minute Line 2  VOTER APATHY
08/24/2004Officials seek to regain trust of young voters 14  VOTER APATHY
08/25/2004Editorial: Improving turnout 12  VOTER APATHY
09/21/2004New group stresses need for students to cast votes 7  VOTER APATHY
...Students who don't take the time to register might not take time to vote (letter) 12  VOTER APATHY
10/01/2004Op.Ed: This time, no excuses: Cast your vote 9  VOTER APATHY
02/08/2010Little research goes into voting 1  VOTER APATHY
04/10/2012Libertarian ideals growing in young voters 1  VOTER APATHY
03/08/1963Letter: Don't 'Push' Voters To Poll 2  VOTER APATHY
09/25/2012Events to boost student voting 3  VOTER APATHY
10/03/2012Ed: Shake political apathy 10  VOTER APATHY
10/02/2012Youth vote needs rekindling 1  VOTER APATHY
10/17/2012'A Call to Arms' 1  VOTER APATHY
10/22/2012New NC laws bolsters youth vote 3  VOTER APATHY
10/31/2012Turnout weak for talk on Latino vote 5  VOTER APATHY
11/05/2007Low voter turnout a trend 3  VOTER APATHY
11/05/2013Why Vote? 1  VOTER APATHY
10/15/2008Ed: Let's rock that vote 12  VOTER APATHY