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03/15/19946 dorms slated for 24-hour visitation 1  24 HOUR VISITATION
09/23/1970Two Houses Stick To 7-24 Policy 1  24 HOUR VISITATION
02/14/1970SL Okays Courts Bill, Table 24-Hr. Visitation 1  24 HOUR VISITATION
04/01/1992Dorm residents may choose visitation policies 1  HOUSING (VISITATION)
04/24/1991Housing to investigate...visitation 1  HOUSING (VISITATION)
04/19/1991Colleges differ, strenghth of policies 1  HOUSING (VISITATION)
04/18/1991Boulton: BOT may tigheten visitation 1  HOUSING (VISITATION)
04/22/1991Editorial: Making whoopie? Housing says 10  HOUSING (VISITATION)
10/01/1960Two Rules We Could Do Better Without 2  HOUSING (VISITATION)
03/21/1963WRC Eases Rule On Visits To Apartments By Women 1  HOUSING (VISITATION)
03/22/1963Apartment Rule Change Voided By Dean Of Women Carmichael 1  HOUSING (VISITATION)
03/30/1963Ed: Responsibility Accepted By WRC In Good Faith 2  HOUSING (VISITATION)
11/30/1993Trustees ignored students' hard work on 24-hour policy (letter) 8  VISITATION
02/17/1995Ed: Visitation revisited 10  VISITATION
10/14/1970Visitation Talks Scheduled Today 1  VISITATION
04/08/1992Board members concerned about visitation option 1  VISITATION
10/09/1970RCF For SL Policy 1  VISITATION
03/15/19946 dorms slated for 24-hour visitation 1  VISITATION
10/21/1970Editorial: All Eyes Are On Consultative 6  VISITATION
11/15/1978Board OKs new visitation rules 1  VISITATION
10/29/1970Lamson: Self-Determination Needed 1  VISITATION
06/11/1992Housing staff, area directors study visitation 4  VISITATION
04/20/1989USC visitation policy . . .controversy 3  VISITATION
01/20/1994Students shouldn't attempt drastic action . . . [letter] 12  VISITATION
11/22/1993Editorial: BOT hanky-panky 8  VISITATION
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