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08/31/19903 students treated for knife wounds. . . 2  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
10/22/1990Council, UNC officials meet on violence 3  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
04/07/1992Meeting leaves future of Union parties uncertain 3  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
10/23/1990Police nix future security at parties 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
10/02/1987Officers to patrol Union parties 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
02/24/1995Knife-wielding UNC mailman assaults student 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
10/17/1990Violence reported after party 3  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
10/26/1990Editorial: Control is key (violence) 10  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
01/18/1994Two students assaulted at gun point 3  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
09/18/1971Student stabbed in dorm fracas 3  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
10/01/1990Tear-gas grenade breaks up frat party 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
09/13/19895 attack, assault student 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
02/24/1981Rumored attack in Arboretum 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
10/30/1990Safety problems bring controversy 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
02/04/1991Union buys metal detectors. . .$3000 fees 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
03/30/1994Party in great hall ends with fight, gunfire 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
07/23/1992Editorial: Assault warning helps, but. . . 8  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
11/25/1991Article misleads readers about shooting (letter) 8  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
10/26/1994UNC student charged with stabbing ex-boyfriend's hand 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
03/25/1992Fight spurs prohibition of parties 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
11/19/1991Gunshoit, assaults mar dorm party 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
09/17/1993No vigilante justice 10  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
02/08/1991No charges filed, alleged frat assault 3  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
09/19/1986Students attacked after mixer 3  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
03/23/1989Woman attacked near Joyner 1  VIOLENCE ON CAMPUS
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