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01/13/2003Protesters prepare for anti-war rally in capital 1  CAMPAIGN TO END THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE
04/05/2002Group holds banquet for global justice 3  CAMPAIGN TO END THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE, UNC
04/19/1994Editorial: No trend 8  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
02/10/1994Students attacked after Duke game 1  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
03/19/2013Ed: Playing it safe 10  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
02/14/1930Editorial: A relapse into the wild and wooly days [violence at State] 2  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
08/18/2007Letter written by Taheri-Azar leaked to press 3  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
02/15/2008NIU sparks safety fears 1  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
02/19/2008Editorial: A tragic reminder 8  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
10/23/2013Tar Heel men sign on to anti-violence pledge 3  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
03/27/2008Marchers take back the night 3  CAMPUS VIOLENCE
10/11/2000After Violence, Life at CHHS Goes On 1  CHHS, VIOLENCE
10/09/2000Officials Searching For Suspects in CHHS Violence 1  CHHS, VIOLENCE
03/15/20042 juveniles face rape charges 3  CHHS, VIOLENCE
04/20/2010CHHS student meets bail 3  CHHS, VIOLENCE
09/24/2001Students, residents march for peace 3  COALITION TO END THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE
07/09/1998Online campus to boost distance learning 5  FRANKLIN ST. VIOLENCE
11/15/2012Franklin shooting suspect fired gun, fled 1  FRANKLIN ST. VIOLENCE
07/09/1998Online campus to boost distance learning 5  MASSIVE FRACAS INJURES SEVERAL, ALARMS TOWN (FRANKLIN STREET, VIOLENCE)
11/12/1990Police, officials refute claims of gang 3  GANG VIOLENCE
10/29/2004Small gang problem might grow in future 4  GANG VIOLENCE
08/25/2008Hagan leads talk on gangs 3  GANG VIOLENCE
10/14/2002Murder-Suicide Shocks N.C. State 1  NCSU, VIOLENCE
04/03/2002Black t-shirts mark men's commitment to ending violence 3  SILENCE PERPETUATES VIOLENCE, T-SHIRTS
10/27/2010UNC initiative aims to lower youth violence 6  SILENCE PERPETUATES VIOLENCE, T-SHIRTS
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