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04/03/1970Ochs, Paxton, Hardin Highlight Anti-War Festival 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
04/07/1970Davis, Ochs, Paxton, Hester Highlight Anti-War Activity 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
04/10/1970Terry Sanford Gives Support To Weekend Anti-War Festival 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/01/1970SL Urges Student Boycott Protesting US Involvement: In Response To Cambodian Action 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/02/1970Student Body Meeting Set Protesting Cambodia Action 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...U. S. Aggression Against Cambodia Must Be Stopped 2  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/06/1970Student Body To Meet Today At 1 PM: 2,000 Students Protest War With Tuesday Rally 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/07/1970Thousands Rally, March to Protest Kent State Deaths, Indochina War 'On Strike, Shut It Down' Cry Of Marching Students 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...Professors Grant Amnesty Number May Reach Hundreds 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...3000 March By Night To Sitterson's, Friday's 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/08/1970Striking Students Have Choice For Final Grades 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...Strike Meetings Continue 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...YRC Says UNC Strike 'Meaningless' 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...Moreheads Sign Petition 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...Stike Brings Confusion But Needs Thinking Out 2  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/09/19708,000 Students Rally At State Capitol Scott Fails To Rescind Support of Nixon Policy 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...Editorial: We Are Angry Too 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/10/1970Students Voice Dissent In Washington March: Confrontation Avoided 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
...College Protests Expand: From Campus To City 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/12/1970Students Sit-In At South Building 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/13/1970Rich Kids In The Streets Anger Guard - - Moynihan 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
05/14/1970UNC Students To Attend Demonstration At Ft. Bragg 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
11/09/1968Leaflet Distribution Set To Protest War 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
11/12/1968GI Protests Vietnam War 1  VIETNAM WAR PROTESTS
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