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10/13/1970Student Unit On Housing To Organize 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
02/18/1971Village housing destruction set 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
07/02/1992'Mother figure' Bridgers retires, Victory Village 3  VICTORY VILLAGE
04/02/1992Victory Village Day Care Centers teaches more 3  VICTORY VILLAGE
02/08/1993Daycare parents oppose University access road 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
09/19/1970University Shows Lack of Concern 4  VICTORY VILLAGE
03/23/1995Students' child-care needs deserve more attention 8  VICTORY VILLAGE
09/29/1970Villagers Renew Parking Campaign 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
03/13/1995Day-care center deserves student congress funding 8  VICTORY VILLAGE
03/02/1995Day-care group denied all funding 3  VICTORY VILLAGE
04/18/1991Victory Village...child-care rates 3  VICTORY VILLAGE
11/17/1995In Search of a New Victory 10  VICTORY VILLAGE
10/02/1973May demolition set for village 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
02/22/1970Odum-Victory Villagers Air Complaints 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
04/05/1970Administration Evicts 12 Families From University-Owned Housing: Some Village Families May Face Separation 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
...Editorial Cartoon: Don't Cry Honey, At Least They Gave Us A "C" Sticker For Our Apartment 2  VICTORY VILLAGE
...Why Move 12 Families For A Parking Lot? 2  VICTORY VILLAGE
04/07/1970Injunction Sought To Stop Eviction 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
...Villagers Present Statement To Dean 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
...Excited Villagers Confer With Cathey 6  VICTORY VILLAGE
04/10/1970Eagles: Evicted Families Must Leave UNC Housing 5  VICTORY VILLAGE
10/05/1960After The Village . . . ? 2  VICTORY VILLAGE
02/25/1961A Playground For Victory Village 2  VICTORY VILLAGE
03/22/1961Interior Design Course At V. V. 1  VICTORY VILLAGE
11/13/1968Victory Village Hosts Student-Led Gripe-Ins 6  VICTORY VILLAGE
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