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02/13/1995Sons of confederate veterans chapter to be kicked off to celebrate the south 3  SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS
11/12/1991U.S. Vice Admiral: Veterans always did . . . 1  VETERANS
11/19/1991U.S. veterans' sacrifices deserve (letter) 8  VETERANS
11/18/1991University community should honor (letter) 8  VETERANS
02/16/2004Hospitalized vets get special salute 2  VETERANS
10/11/2010System to adi veteran access - UNC SERVES ub ubutuak stages 3  VETERANS
11/12/2010UNC salutes Veterans 1  VETERANS
11/22/2010Veteran professor inspires 1  VETERANS
09/16/2011UNC system aims to serve veterans 1  VETERANS
11/14/2011UNC remember vets 3  VETERANS
01/18/2012Where Credit is Due 1  VETERANS
09/18/2012Student veterans may see tuition relief 6  VETERANS
09/24/2012Student vets to file lawsuit 3  VETERANS
...Ed: Veterans deserve relief 7  VETERANS
01/17/1919Senior class makes final organization -- Thirty men have come back 1  VETERANS
01/24/1919Editorial: Old Men Return 2  VETERANS
02/01/2013Student veterans say info isn't sufficient 1  VETERANS
02/05/2013Ed: Fall into formation 8  VETERANS
04/11/2013UNC system to make plans to attract more veterans 1  VETERANS
04/16/2013Ed: Money for veterans 8  VETERANS
04/23/2013Chapel Hill may build veterans memorial 8  VETERANS
10/16/2013Veterans might get in-state tuition 3  VETERANS
11/12/2007Homeless veterans seek aid 1  VETERANS
...Honoring Veterans 1  VETERANS
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