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01/12/1983New Varsity theater opens 5a  VARSITY THEATER
02/20/1995Varsity reel sin fans of foncommercials films 3  VARSITY THEATER
08/26/1992Tunnel of lights leads moviegoers . . . 11  VARSITY THEATER
04/06/1960Students At Theatres Pass Out Pledge Cards 1  VARSITY THEATER
04/10/1960Theater Pledge Cards Total 608; Next Move May Be To Restaurants 1  VARSITY THEATER
02/02/1961Citizens' Group To Resume Theatre Picketing Monday: Theatre Managers Stand Opposed To 'Open Movie' Plan 1  VARSITY THEATER
02/05/1961Pickets To Resume At Both CH Theatres From 6-9 Nightly For Indefinite Period 1  VARSITY THEATER
02/07/1961Theatre Picketing Is Resumed - A Time For Community Action 2  VARSITY THEATER
02/16/1961The UNC Faculty Speaks Out While The Students Are Silent 2  VARSITY THEATER
02/25/1961Theatre Managers Say No To 2nd Integration Request: Picketing Of Varsity Suspended By Committee 1  VARSITY THEATER
03/02/1961A Picket Tells How It Feels To Walk On The Picket Line 2  VARSITY THEATER
03/10/1961Varsity Manager Denies Influence On Movie Policy 1  VARSITY THEATER
08/25/2004Local treats town to '9/11' 4  VARSITY THEATER
10/26/1961Movie Pickets May Resume 1  VARSITY THEATER
10/29/1961Integrationists Planning Meet With Varsity 1  VARSITY THEATER
11/12/1961Picketing Starts For Integration At Varsity Tonite 1  VARSITY THEATER
11/17/1961Picketing At The Varsity 3  VARSITY THEATER
11/28/1961Varsity To Permit Limited Integration: Policy Effective Today 1  VARSITY THEATER
...Wronging A Right 2  VARSITY THEATER
11/29/1961Picketers Meet Planned Thursday 1  VARSITY THEATER
...Joyner Boycotts Varsity 2  VARSITY THEATER
12/01/1961Integration Meeting Calls Off Picketing At Varsity Theater: Committee To Wait For Further Action 1  VARSITY THEATER
12/12/1961Varsity Theater Is Now Admitting Negro Townsmen 1  VARSITY THEATER
12/13/1961Not 'If' But 'When'? 2  VARSITY THEATER
03/15/1962The Social Barrier 2  VARSITY THEATER
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