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10/05/1989Utilities rate hike to affect dorm rent 1  UTILITIES, UNC
10/09/1970UNC Should Not Have Utilities--Lee 3  UTILITIES, UNC
08/25/1975UNC utitlities: retail electricity. . . 4  UTILITIES, UNC
04/15/1976Sale revenue may go to state fund 1  UTILITIES, UNC
10/10/1975Editorial: Mandate ignored 6  UTILITIES, UNC
08/29/1972Utilities employees uncertain of jobs 2  UTILITIES, UNC
09/09/1971Students to get interest on deposit 1  UTILITIES, UNC
10/13/1975Report not ready on UNC utilities sale 1  UTILITIES, UNC
02/07/1975High bill to raise dorm rates 1  UTILITIES, UNC
11/25/1975Committee does little about utilities. . . 1  UTILITIES, UNC
10/10/1975Trustees examine utilities sale today 1  UTILITIES, UNC
06/03/1976After four years, utilties to be sold 3  UTILITIES, UNC
11/17/1970Utilities Dispute Under Scrutiny 1  UTILITIES, UNC
06/17/1976Trustees okay utilities sale 3  UTILITIES, UNC
08/05/1976Utilities proceeds to go to libraries 3  UTILITIES, UNC
12/03/1971Committee set to study utilities 2  UTILITIES, UNC
07/03/1975Utilities Commission grants 20% hike 1  UTILITIES, UNC
04/15/1976Editorial: Money should remain at UNC-CH 4  UTILITIES, UNC
02/25/1971Editorial: Oppose utility hikes by. . . 6  UTILITIES, UNC
11/18/1971New policy. . .electrical restrictions 1  UTILITIES, UNC
01/09/1976Utilities sale delay affecting operations 1  UTILITIES, UNC
11/19/1970Editorial: UNC should sell all local. . . 6  UTILITIES, UNC
10/30/1975Board approves taxing utilities 1  UTILITIES, UNC
10/08/1974Utilities may cause dorm rent increase 1  UTILITIES, UNC
02/11/1970Town May Buy Utilities Company From University 1  UTILITIES, UNC
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