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04/07/1994Rally targe3ts housekeepers' low wages 1  HOUSEKEEPERS UNIVERSITY STAFF
02/05/1930"Uncle" George McCauley dead 4  HOUSEKEEPERS UNIVERSITY STAFF
08/29/1972Utitilities employees uncertain of jobs 2  UNIVERSITY STAFF
08/30/1990Hearing set to contest grievance. . . 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
01/26/1990Committee looks at UNC grievance policy 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
03/31/1994UNC students should respect hard work of groundskeepers 14  UNIVERSITY STAFF
10/30/197325 Servomation workers stage walk-out 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
11/01/1990Dismissal not enough, says employee 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
03/27/1992Officials oppose Edwards' decision to drop mediation 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
11/08/1990CAOS plans 'lone protest' of statues 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
02/01/2000UNC Rushing to fill job vacancies 3  UNIVERSITY STAFF
02/01/1990Hearing will continue, 2 to testify 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
11/05/1997UNC tries to make it easier for workers to take classes 2  UNIVERSITY STAFF
12/10/1990Edwards sends complaints to feds 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
04/07/1994State to consider plans for changing pay, classification scales 3  UNIVERSITY STAFF
11/05/1991Officer: key black witnesses kept from 3  UNIVERSITY STAFF
11/14/1990Editorial: Grievous policy 8  UNIVERSITY STAFF
11/11/2002UNC Gives Thanks to Employees 3  UNIVERSITY STAFF
10/31/1990Female profs concerned, leave policy 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
03/17/1986Op.Ed: UNC fails, employment practices 8  UNIVERSITY STAFF
10/26/1990Prof says Tuchi decided to ban lawyers 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
02/24/2003Housekeepers to air woes in meeting 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
03/02/1973A Residence Life 'mistake' firings 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
04/17/1991Spring Fling walk/run for UNC staff 3  UNIVERSITY STAFF
06/28/1990Police walk out of meeting with Hardin 1  UNIVERSITY STAFF
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