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11/29/1994Proprietors put university mall up for sale 3  UNIVERSITY MALL
02/29/2000Residents air U-Mlal problems in hearing 5  UNIVERSITY MALL
09/10/1973Editorial: Traffic jams. . .bad planning 6  UNIVERSITY MALL
10/18/1999University Mall Retains License Plate Agency  UNIVERSITY MALL
03/15/1993Police substation suffering due to lack... 3  UNIVERSITY MALL
09/26/1972Mall clients announced 2  UNIVERSITY MALL
07/11/2002A Southern Season to Make Move to University Mall 5  UNIVERSITY MALL
09/10/1998University Mall Face-Lift Affects More Than Students (letter) 10  UNIVERSITY MALL
06/25/1998University Mall to announce renovations 3A  UNIVERSITY MALL
09/13/1974Mall parking battle continues 1  UNIVERSITY MALL
01/22/1999Mall Managers Say Businesses Will Stay 1  UNIVERSITY MALL
09/25/1998Local Mall Unveils Plan For $8 Million Facelift 3  UNIVERSITY MALL
01/31/1975Puts midi-buses on display 1  UNIVERSITY MALL
08/28/1973New mall challenges Franklin St. charms 10  UNIVERSITY MALL
07/05/1990Merchants say OK if University Mall. . . 3  UNIVERSITY MALL
01/14/2003Casino Night shows off University Mall's new makeover 3  UNIVERSITY MALL
01/20/2000Residents speak out for mall renovations 3  UNIVERSITY MALL
09/17/2004Shuttle caters to football crowd 2  UNIVERSITY MALL
10/18/2004Store lauds new locale, reopening 8  UNIVERSITY MALL
11/30/2010A 'book-smart' move: Library should move to University Mall permanently 10  UNIVERSITY MALL
12/08/2010University Mall could house Chapel Hill Library 16  UNIVERSITY MALL
12/03/2010New University Mall home for library not guaranteed 1  UNIVERSITY MALL
01/10/2011Council to focus on library, shelter 17  UNIVERSITY MALL
02/14/2011Library location will be decided 3  UNIVERSITY MALL
09/22/2011Library to close for renovations 3  UNIVERSITY MALL
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