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11/22/1894The Magazine /University Magazine 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
01/19/1895University Magazine 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
02/24/1895The University Magazine 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
03/28/1895University Magazine 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
05/02/1895University Magazine, April 1895 Issue 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
11/08/1895Editorial: The Magazine Situation 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
11/16/1895Editorial: The University Magazine 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
01/18/1896Editorial: University Magazine discontinued 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
03/25/1896The University Magazine 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
10/03/1896The University Magazine 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
02/06/1897The University Magazine ... a plea for its restoration 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
02/13/1897Editorial: the establishment of a University Magazine . . . 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
02/27/1897The Dialetic Society and the Magazine 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
03/06/1897Editorial: The Di Phi and the University Magazine issue 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
...A Card - on the Di Phi and University Magazine controversy 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
...Revival of the Magazine - some further remarks upon the Opposition 3  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
03/13/1897The Magazine - from another point of view 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
...Editorial: A Personal Statement - I am willing to defend my position 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
10/01/1897The University Magazine - a renewed effort for the revival 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
...Editorial: An Affair of Pride [University Magazine] 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
10/15/1897Editorial: The Societies and the Magazine 2  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
10/22/1897The University Magazine - An appeal to its Friends 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
01/18/1898The December Magazine 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
02/08/1898February Magazine - a full review and criticism 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
10/21/1916First issue of University Magazine now on Hill 1  UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE
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