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02/12/1960Circulation Increases In Library 3  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
11/30/2010A 'book-smart' move: Library should move to University Mall permanently 10  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
02/25/2011Library to cut budget, services 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
02/29/1896Editorial: Chaining chairs in the library 2  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/03/1896The Library committee are very glad. . . 2  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/17/1896Editorial: changes in the Reading Room of the library 2  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
12/10/1938Students mobbing Library main desk to pay back fines 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/31/1896Editorial: the Tar Heel will chime in at every opportunity with Light Up the Reading room ... 2  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
03/17/2010County considers merging library cards 9  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
02/13/1897Library Notes 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
03/20/1897Books recently added to the Library 2  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
02/01/1898Accessions to the Library 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
09/29/1929Departmental Libraries in new building1 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/03/1929Library making campaign to prevent mutilation of books 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/09/1929Dr. Keogh to speak at Library opening - 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/12/1929Keogh speaks on World Library Congress Oct. 21 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/13/1929University will dedicate new Library this week 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/18/1929Library dedication to be held Saturday 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/19/1929Library dedication begins 10:30 this morning; Keogh will be principal speaker 1  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
...Editorial: Our new library 2  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
04/02/2012Library employees hope for raises 9  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
12/08/1929Valuable books added to Hanes Library Collection 4  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
09/15/1917Stop! Look! Listen! 4  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
10/27/1917Editorial: Where the University lags [the library] 2  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
03/02/1918Many prominent papers available at the Library [include NY Herald; NY Times; Christian Science Monitor 6  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY
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