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10/10/1896Notes and comments: It is the report about college . . . University Day as a holiday. . . 2  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/05/1929University Day exercises to be gien by radio 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/06/1929Gardner, Chase to speak over Radio 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/13/1929North Carolina passes its 136th Anniversary 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/15/2012University looks to the future 3  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
09/23/1916Dr. Mims will speak here University Day 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/14/1916UNC celebrates 123rd anniversary 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/21/1916Editorial: A bigger University Day 2  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/13/1917Military exercises mark 124th celebration of University Day -- Expeditionary Forces not to go to Raleigh -- Trenches to be dug Monday 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/07/1915University Day Program -- ... 121st birthday 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/16/1918University's birthday devoid of ceremony [125th, 1918] 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/08/1914Editorial: University Day 1919, 121st 2  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/15/1914University celebrates one-hundred and twenty-first anniversary 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/02/1941Alumni Prepare University Day Celebrations 4  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/08/1941University Day Exercises Scheduled for Saturday 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/11/1941Ed: This, Another University Day 2  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/26/1941University to Entertain Alumni, Visitors Saturday 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/10/2008Thorp plans ambitious speech 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/13/2008Native Son Home At Helm 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
09/29/1962Goheen Chosen To Deliver Main University Day Talk 1  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY
10/11/1962Classes Dismissed For Talk 4  UNIVERSITY DAY, HISTORY