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10/09/19975 UNC alumni to receive awards on University Da y 3  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1992University Days mark history, future of school 3  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1975University celebrates today 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/11/1996University Day: a time to celebrate tradition 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/10/1980Editorial: University Day 10  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1971Hodges: University to survive 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/12/2000Old, New to Unite On University Day 3  UNIVERSITY DAY
09/30/1993Clinton expected for University Day 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/14/1991University Day speakers wish school happy 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1980Fordham installed on University Day 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1995Hooker calls on UNC to renew service mission 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1982University Day: Prof calls for courage 8  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/10/1984Hunt to speak at University Day 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1981Editorial: Continued commitment 6  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/10/1997Sunday celebration marks UNC birthday 2  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1972UNC celebrates 179th, Taylor installed 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1978University, alumni celebrate past 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/13/1975Day commemorates UNC's founding 4  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/12/1979Editorial: Long tradition. . . 8  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/03/1973Ervin to talk University Day 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/12/1973Ervin's speech to highlight birthday 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/17/1984Hunt, Friday trade praise. . . 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/01/1976Classes suspended 2 hours; 1  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/11/1995Hooker to speak at University Day; student reception to follow 3  UNIVERSITY DAY
10/12/1992Op.Ed: UNC's 199th; A chance to renew commitments 9  UNIVERSITY DAY
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