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03/28/2000UNC, Duke students duel for 'Greed' spots 1  UNC VS DUKE
02/05/2004Editorial: Beat Dook 9  UNC VS DUKE
...Op.Ed: Ian Williams' insider's guide to hating Duke 9  UNC VS DUKE
02/06/2004Franklin St. frenzy dies down with loss 3  UNC VS DUKE
03/15/2004Op.Ed: Atmosphere at Cameron not so crazy 9  UNC VS DUKE
...Op.Ed: 'Caroleena' contest upstaged in Mexico 9  UNC VS DUKE
03/14/2011Blue Devils 2, Tar Heels 1 1  UNC VS DUKE
02/07/2012Hate Duke, further the American Dream 1  UNC VS DUKE
02/08/2012Duke rivalry wasn't always intense 6  UNC VS DUKE
03/17/1964Ed: How To Become A Duke Fan 4  UNC VS DUKE
11/11/1941Scouts Report Duke Powerful But Tar Heels Not Overawed 3  UNC VS DUKE
11/13/1941Kimball, 'Sweet' Lalanne, Bear Wolf To Lead Pre-Game Pep Rally Tomorrow 1  UNC VS DUKE
11/14/1941Duke-UNC Rivalry Takes Nation-Wide Significance 1  UNC VS DUKE
...Durham Fans Rate Duke Blue Devils Two to Five Goals Better Than UNC 1  UNC VS DUKE
...Pre-Game Vandalism Runs Rampant at Duke and UNC As Pigskin Classic Nears 3  UNC VS DUKE
11/16/1941Duke's Chances Rise For Rose Bowl Bid 3  UNC VS DUKE
04/18/1942Carolina Track Team Battles Duke Today In Dixie Classic 3  UNC VS DUKE
04/19/1942Tar Heels Win Track Battle From Duke, 66-60 3  UNC VS DUKE
10/12/2007Heels Defeat Blue Devils 7  UNC VS DUKE
02/14/2014Tar Heels prepare for rivalry battle 1  UNC VS DUKE
02/17/2014Ed: One seat at a time 4  UNC VS DUKE
02/19/2014Duke line procedure set for Thursday's game 1  UNC VS DUKE
02/21/2014Students storm streets after UNC beats Duke 1  UNC VS DUKE
11/20/2014UNC to battle for the victory bell in Durham 1  UNC VS DUKE
11/21/2014The Tar Heels sealed a 45-20 victory over Blue Devils 1  UNC VS DUKE
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