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08/22/1994Thompson Chosen Interim VP for Academic Affairs 3A  ACADEMIC AFFAIRS, UNC SYSTEM
10/18/2011Applied sciences receive scrutiny 1  ACADEMIC AFFAIRS, UNC SYSTEM
02/28/2012System schools cut programs 3  ACADEMIC AFFAIRS, UNC SYSTEM
01/28/2013System explores free online courses 1  ACADEMIC AFFAIRS, UNC SYSTEM
08/16/2008New business school dean comes from within 13  ACADEMIC AFFAIRS, UNC SYSTEM
10/16/1996Student leaders advocate 150-day calendar change 3  ACADEMIC CALENDAR, UNC SYSTEM
03/24/1998Leading the fleet 1  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
11/07/2011NC schools opt out of financial aid initiative 5  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
01/31/2012States talk centralizing university systems 3  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
03/29/2012UNC-system schools emphasize efficiency 1  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
04/12/2012Ed: SB 575 missed the mark 12  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
09/19/2012Ed: More student input 14  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
11/15/2013Brenda Malone to leave UNC 1  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
08/29/2008South building fortified 10  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
12/04/2013The changing faces of UNC 1  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
09/22/2008Administrators urge board to talk up UNC 4  ADMINISTRATION, UNC SYSTEM
09/05/2002Officials Take Turn Teaching 3  ADMINISTRATORS, UNC SYSTEM
03/12/2012Economic impact of UNC system disputed 1  ADMINISTRATORS, UNC SYSTEM
04/12/2012Ed: SB 575 missed the mark 12  ADMINISTRATORS, UNC SYSTEM
09/26/2012People, plan examined at meeting 1  ADMINISTRATORS, UNC SYSTEM
04/18/2000Editorial: Scrap the standards 10  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC SYSTEM
05/01/2000Officials fret over standards 5  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC SYSTEM
11/17/1998Black Enrollment Hits Record High 1  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC SYSTEM
12/03/1997Editorial: A full plate 10  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC SYSTEM
10/02/2001UNC system to review guidelines for admission 6  ADMISSIONS POLICY, UNC SYSTEM
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